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Jul 2, 2013 - Allgemein    Keine Kommentare

[Englisch] Interview mit Robert Muchamore

Robert Muchamore

Robert Muchamore (© by Eduarda7

Ich habe ein schriftliches Interview mit Robert Muchamore aus London führen dürfen. Er hat mir einige ausführliche Antworten auf meine Fragen gegeben – vielen Dank dafür :).

Zur deutschen Übersetzung…

When, where and in what situation did you get the idea for CHERUB #1?

I got the idea to write CHERUB when I was visiting my sister in Australia. My twelve year old nephew couldn’t find anything to read, so I used that as my inspiration to write for this age group.

Where do you write your books? Is it in your garden or at the desk in your office?

I live in England, so there aren’t many days when you can write in the garden! I have an office in my house and I usually write there.

Why did you start to write the second series? The first one with James as main character was fully ended? What was the reason for starting a new story with the 13th volume?

I like my stories to be realistic, and it would have been very hard to carry on with a believable story once James reached 18 years old. Also, having written twelve books about James, it was getting very hard to come up with new stories about him.

You’re working as private detective in London, right? Is that one source for what you write in your books?

A little bit, but like most jobs, it’s a lot less glamorous in real life than it appears to be in TV shows!

Can you tell me something about what will happen in volume #14 of the CHERUB-series?

Well, it’s the second part of the three part story based on the Aramov Clan. So basically they’re all getting more deeply involved in that.

The most important question :): What does CHERUB stand for? Where did you get this name from?

CHERUB is a kind of joke. The kids in my books are always badly behaved, and in Britan well behaved kids are sometimes called ‘little cherubs.’ It stands for Charles Henderson’s Espionage Research Unit B. I actually write anoter series set during World War Two which tells the story of how CHERUB began. However my German publisher have never wanted to publish it, perhaps because the Germans are the bad guys in the storyline!

Why were the CHERUB-Books so successful in your opinion?

It’s hard to say exactly, but I think a lot of my success is down to the fact that I try and make my storylines as realistic as possible. Kids who read my books often beleive that this is something that could really happen to them.

Is it realistic that a secret organization like CHERUB could exist in Great Britain?

I think it’s possible, though not on a scale with a big campus such as the one that appears in the book.Britain isn’t a very big country, so I doubt something so big could stay hidden! I have no modern day evidence of kids spying, but it happend a lot in World War Two and in Communist countries such as the old East Germany.

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